The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).

Pingg's Designer Series

My favorite online invitation site, PINGG has recently changed into a self-service platform and market for artists, designers, brands, and traditional print designers to upload their creative content, translate it into a collection of online invitations & announcements and connect with pingg’s hosts.In doing so, pingg.com will be the first online invitation site to allow third-party contributors to reach millions of registered hosts and their guests, while delighting pingg’s current and future users with creatively inspired one-of-a-kind invitations and announcements that suit their personal style.  At this early stage of development, they are now doing a call out for designers. So to find out how to submit your work check out -http://www.pingg.com/info/designer_submissions

Here are three fantastic examples:

Mina Georgescu

Mina Georgescu was born 27 years ago in Bucharest, Romania. She spent her childhood taking photos with her plastic panoramic camera, playing hide and go seek and putting up shows with her sister. 

She now hunts for magical places to capture with her lens and infuse with her own style. Mina's latest collection, Coney Island and Other Magical Places is a series of vivid, colorful and lighthearted pieces. Saturated hues, scratches, textures, and blurred motion combine to add a certain charm and nostalgia to each print.

Greatest inspirations and influences? I love Frida & Dali but they're not really an influence. I also just recently discovered Maira Kalman and absolutely love her illustrations. Inspirations: my moms hands, Lucas, bright colors, textures, my ever changing moods, music, dystopian novels, my husband's chicken scratch, and everything around me.

Favorite sites/blogs? I don’t have any but I like yours

Theresa Ross

My influences/inspirations:

  • Pop culture and contemporary art.
  • The style and fashion of the 50's, 60's and 70's (and yes, even the 80's..a fabulous era for pop culture)
  • Glamour, fantasy and very heavy eye make-up
  • Found photography
  • Andy Warhol  (love his early shoe illustrations)
  • Sigmar Polke (so sad we have lost him)
  • John Baldessari
  • Tacita Dean

Favorite Sites:

  • The Queens of Vintage
  • NYTimes Style and Art section
  • Bloglovin is great for perusing
  • Tripadvisor (to remind me where I haven't been yet)
  • artnews.org


Jason Naylor

Greatest Inspirations/Influences?

I try to distract myself with engaging things in the world around me while creating... I constantly try to "fill the well" with anything I can get my eyes on. I think its good to have inspiring things floating around in the brain at all times, but the best things I've created have always happened while in the middle of something else - a conversation, watching a movie, in a meeting etc. I am extremely driven by my subconscious – in fact my subconscious is a much better artist than myself. I am often inspired without even realizing it by the most mundane or boring things and then when reviewing my sketch book after being on the phone or something, I discover what i've done and capitalize on it. So basically I have my sketch book in  hand at all times Favorite Websites?

  • (besides my open gmail window)
  • ffffound - always full of inspiring shit.
  • Hedi Slimane diary - amazing bw photography
  • all the graphic design nerd blogs.
  • Behance network is very diverse too.
  • I also check coolhunter and urban daddy
  • and I try to keep up with French and Italian Vogue, Purple, Another Man, Pop, Love magazine and any Australian magazine I can get.

Deep Dark and Mac

More Perfect, Works by Sali Taylor