The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).

Guti on Music, Touring and Missing His Dog

Ever since I added the track "Hold Me Tight"  to the ninunina ipod player, many of you have been telling/emailing me that its become their favorite track as well, and recently asking someone to play it at a party a girl who overheard me said, Guti's track? that guy is a musical genius. So here I am interviewing Guti for all you guys. Guti  shoned in the world of Jazz at early age, he demonstrates to be a sensible & intense pianist, with his own language. This exeptional talent made him famous a few years later: He being a part of big rock Argentinean bands like “Jovenes Pordioseros” & “Intoxicados”, playing in some of the biggest stadiums & winning gold records in South America in the last decade. In 2006, life take him to a new path: Techno music. Curious, ironic & creative, fusing electronic music with his jazz & latin roots, Guti quickly became one of the most eager & interesting producer of the Latino American house scene. He shown his amazing live set in the best clubs of America & Europe. Currently his music is running on Raum...Musik, Wolf + Lamb and also Supplement Facts. Poducers & DJ like Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Loco Dice, Marco Carola, Steve Lawler, Lee Burridge & other international artists are playing his full of soul productions all arround the planet. Finally, he has released a Stellar double EP on Loco Dice & Martin Butrich's label Desolat". -Javier Sinay, Rolling Stone Magazine

Your greatest inspirations or influences?

Emotions, personal experiences, love, feelings & broken hearts

Most memorable event so far?

Last weekend in Mamaia (Romania) was out of this world, we had a desolat vs cocoon party. I then played with Sven Väth at the beach in the after party for one hundred hours, with the black sea as a background with Dice and all my friends dancing it was just amazing. It was just one party after another with great friends and absolute madness.

Other favorite dj's/producers?

I tour with with Loco Dice all the time so he is a big influence for me.  Particularly the way  he manages to get the crowd crazy. I'm also touring with Marco Carola, and he is amazing, both are dancefloor killers. Then I have my friends Seth Troxler and Shaun Reeves, who play amazing music in a different way.  I am currently working with Guy Gerber for Desolat, and he is truly a super talent.

Plans for the summer?

Fortunately I´m on permanent tour, and every week is an adventure for me. Big League in Ibiza for the first time... Cocoon Amnesia, Dc10, Space... should be crazy. Moscow in two weeks and I just love that place. Sonar Festival.

Favorite websites?

Newspapers, and I love to google everything I'm getting addicted to that... and i love www.failblog.org as an anti-Sunday thing.

Favorite city in the world?

Tokyo (Japan) because its just amazing, and Buenos Aires cause its my place in the world, my story.

How do you think the music industry is changing?

With technology you can create a song easily, or at least have the illusion of doing so, which then makes some guys think they're artists. Thats fucked up for me. So now there's a million new producers and labels every day that have no clue or idea of music, or feelings and just want to put a song out. So the level goes down.  Songs without soul, lower level of listeners, no one buying original music. It makes it harder for the real songwriters to survive in the industry. but so is life. As always the strongest, the more talented will survive-and maybe that's a good thing too.

Favorite track?

Hallelujah I love her so. Ray Charles

Anything else youd like to share?

I miss my dog.



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