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[Coachella 2010] Shok, HELLOX6.com

Photo by Shok

We've interviewed Shok  before ,who's blog I love ,and who takes the coolest photos at all the best music events. I asked him again this year to share some of his Coachella experiences.

Best Coachella Experience?

Definitely being on stage virtually alone and filming LCD soundsystem in front of what looked like 100,000 people.


Getting to see Justice play out of the blue just as we got to the festival and then meeting him after the show.

Top 3 performances?

3 being LCD Soundsystem the energy during the show was amazing.

2) The Dead Weather cause Jack White and Alison Mosshart look like they are making love on stage with their music.

1) Thom Yorke- Radiohead might be one of my favorite bands of all time and seeing him play AIrbag was almost orgasmic.

Artists To Check Out?

Some playing Coachella next year.... my boys from Neon Indian, Hoyotoho, The XX played this year also love La Roux who played this year as well.


Not being able to get in the media pit for every show... Thom Yorke and some of the other bands had "special" wristbands you needed to get pre-approved before the show. Other than that I would said it was a great weekend.

Photo by Shok

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