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Babycakes NYC Takes the Cake

Like most girls in New York, I love a good cupcake.

I haven't tried every cupcake bakery in town but I've definitely had some of the best this city has to offer and I can honestly say I finally found my favorite. I had never heard of BabyCakes NYC, until today but even more shocking is that it is a specialized bakery dedicated to creating high quality, vegan, mostly organic and gluten free confections. Most of their desserts are sweetened with agave nectar, a low-glycemic syrup and use cold-pressed coconut oil. This oil, when taken regularly, is easily digested and high in lauric acid. Studies indicate it can help kill bacteria and yeast, promote healthy heart function, regulate cholesterol levels, fight viral infections and boost metabolism. Red Velvet was the one that I loved the most.

Other favorite city cupcakes I also enjoy-

  • Crumbs because they have fun non traditional flavors
  • Buttercup Cupcakes- the carrot cake and beautiful pastel buttery frosting
  • Magnolia-wouldn't say their cupcakes are worth lining up outside for,  but their banana cream pudding is heavenly.
  • Kyotofu-Chocolate Soufflé, Matcha Green Tea, Yuzu-Vanilla flavored cupcakes
  • Billy's Cupcakes- traditional and sweet

Tell us your favorite...and not just in NY.


    Alfonso Gaitan Vald Es Illustration and Design