The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).

Younger Than I'll Be by Skye Parrott


"Younger Than I'll Be,"  is a new photo exhibit curated by Skye Parrott ,( a photographer and co-founder of indie arts magazine  Dossier), that captures the experience and vibe of growing up in NYC in the '80s and early '90s. Not all of the works date from those years, but they all encompass the feeling of being young in the city as it was before the big boom, back when Manhattan still felt dangerous.

Skye , daughter of a photographer, grew up with a camera, but studied political science at UCLA before moving to Paris in 2001. She worked there as a freelance photo assistant, managing editor at Self Service Magazine, and studio manager to Nan Goldin before starting on her own as a photographer in 2004. She has exhibited widely, published several small volumes of her work, and been commissioned by clients as diverse as The New York Times, British Vogue and Jill Stuart.

Opening Reception Wednesday, April 7, 2010; 6-8p.m. Natman Room, BAM Peter Jay Sharp Building 30 Lafayette Avenue between Ashland and St. Felix streets

Greatest inspirations or influences?

Nan Goldin, Brassai, Helmut Newton, Gus van Sant, Ed van der Elsken, David Armstrong, and my mother, Virginia Parrott

How does NY influence you as a person and in your work?

New York is a huge influence. There is always someone doing something interesting here, and it makes me always want to do more.

Favorite sites?

I work on Dossierjournal.com a lot of talented people, so obviously our site.

I also contribute to the Jalouse blog and an Australian site called The Adam and Eve Projects. Other than that,

I like Purple Diary a lot, Backyard Bill, the NY Times, Gawker and I love the gossip site The Superficial.

Your personal favorite photographers/artists?

See the above list. I also really love Saul Leiter, Sophie Calle, and Wong Kar Wai.

And some of younger photographers whose work I really like are Sam Falls, Cass Bird, Rinko Kawauchi and Asako Narahashi.

Challenges of what you do?

I work with my husband and my best friends, so it's really easy to work all the time if I'm not careful. I also travel a lot for work, which is fun but can also make everything seem like a blur sometimes. I have to really remember to stop and take time to do things that aren't work.


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