The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).

During New York Fashion week I had the pleasure of working with Contesta Rock Hair at the Carlos Campos show, and was also really impressed with the work they did at the Prince Peter event. They recently opened their doors to a new salon in the West Village and you can join these guys every Wednesday for  a traditional Italian "aperitivo" and enjoy a 15% discount on all services.

ContestaRockHair  is an Italian brand  in the image field with a rock soul, created in 1996 by Alessandro Santopaolo and Massimo Bianco that counts 11 salons in Rome, Florence, Miami , Shanghai and now New York. Their inspiring dream was to create and invent around a singular hair-cut technique a business reality based on creative human resource management.  Music, art and social activities are the main points of their communication strategy, developed through a wide program of independent initiatives or in collaboration with several leading brands such as the Sixty group of Miss Sixty and Energie.

Greatest inspirations or influences? Concrete jungle is our muse.What we take and appreciate currently is a kind of fashion coming from the street, clashing completely with the behaved.

Do you think NY is the fashion capital of the world? New York is the undisputed capital of style  where  ways of thinking and living differently can coexist in an amazing kaleidoscope, as it is for ContestaRockHair, always  pioneers of a new style in a place where they can compare their ideas drawing upon new energy.

Brands we should look out for? All those represented by young artists coming from the underground scene gifting our society with their contribution.

What makes you guys so different and unique? Our rock soul and our technique. Music is always on loud in our salons and drives our activity; our cutting technique exported all over the world is the main characteristic of the group.We create geometric lines through choreographic movements, like a “creative dance”.We try to mix up street fashion and glamour..

Lotty Dotty

Tevin Vincent