The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).

Metropia- Tarik Saleh

Metropia is a 2009 Swedish animated science-fiction film directed by Tarik Saleh starring Juliette Lewis and Vincent Gallo. The screenplay was written by Fredrik Edin, Stig Larsson, and Tarik Saleh, who I interviewed for this profile. The film uses a technique where actual photographs have been altered and heavily stylized in a computer program, and then animated. The visual style is inspired by the works of Terry Gilliam, Roy Andersson and Kafka. Metropia takes place in a not-so-distant future. The world is running out of oil and the underground train systems have been connected into a gigantic subway network beneath Europe. Whenever Roger from Stockholm enters this system he hears a stranger’s voice in his head. He looks to the mysterious Nina
( Juliette Lewis) to help him escape the disturbing web of the Metro, but the further they travel, the deeper he’s involved in a dark conspiracy.

Brief bio on you Tarik?

I was born in Stockholm, Sweden, in the early seventies. Began as a graffitiwriter / art director and have produced and directed documentary films.Most recently wrote and directed animated feature Metropia

Your greatest inspirations or influences? Kafka, El-Greco, Hitchcock

What in your opinion makes Metropia so unique? At first I think people will be fascinated with the images and the waythey move, it will be something they have never seen before. Is itpaintings? is it photos? is it film? But on a deeper level I thinkMetropia works as an emotional mirror, where we can see our time in allits beautiful ugliness.

Other favorite films? The Tenant, Vertigo, Blade Runner

What would be a dream project for you? A film about the Pharaohs

Challenges of what you do? To not lose your self in the film. It’s like an obsessive love affair.It makes you feel alive – but can also kill you.

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