The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).

Sid from Retreat

Retreat Brand is a fresh, innovative and ethical independent clothing brand formed in 2005. The focus is to create solid designs that cater for all markets, and not just the manufactured ones which have been aligned to a specific scene. Applying mainly discharged and waterbased inks, Retreat aims to produce garments of  the highest quality. Paul Sid of Retreat, has worked with The legendary Vaughn Bode estate with exclusive permission by Mark Bode to adapt one of Vaughn's classic designs. They were allowed to produce 30 pieces , which put Retreat alongside brands such as Bathing Ape and Puma. Other highlights include working with Jonny Sabbagh from Dark Vast who has worked with Mo' Wax and Lilly Allen

Greatest Inspirations?
Retreat has been highly influenced by all of creation, everyday life, Bruce Lee, Animal House, Chevy Chase and other classic 80's movies.Graffiti, art, design and photography have also been a huge influence. In terms of music, early Hip Hop pioneers like Kool Herc, Public Enemy, Run-DMC and the Beastie Boys, to British inspirational bands like Joy Division, New Order, The Stone Roses and other eclectic forms of music.

Style icons?
I would say that growing up The Beastie Boys were definitely an influence on myself and my friends. We always wondered why fans would wear t-shirts of the bands they liked? We always preferred to avoid that and to attempt to wear clothing similar to what they would actually wear.Coming from a skateboarding background as a kid we always thought the Beasties best represented me and my pals, and they just looked so much cooler than anyone else out there. I always appreciate people trying to be original. It was through The Beastie Boys and then a little later James Lavelle who initially introduced me to Bape and all the other Japanese labels  back in 1997.

Other favorite brands/designers? 
Tricky one. Not really into brands these days. Must be an age thing. Being 34 and having a family makes me realise whats important in life.  I generally just wear the usual brands like Levis, a few North Face pieces that last and Adidas trainers. Designers which inspire me - Answer which is run by Will Bankhead and Emmet Keane are good.British Designer Ben Drury who regularly designs for James Lavelle's brand Surrender.I also like PAM (Perks and Mini) even though I don't own a single item from them and I admire Phil from The Award Tour, who's a young kid who sems to be juggling alot but I like his hand drawn designs.

Favorite websites? 

Your Favorite t shirt from your collection ?
No doubt the Vaughn Bode X Retreat Squadron tee. Three coloured print using waterbased inks so the print feels super soft. I hate those brands who overuse plastisol ink for large designs. Nothing worse than walking around with a large piece of rubber stuck to your chest.The tee quality is just right too. Alot of my timee I seem to spend researching for the perfect blank tees. I still don't think I'vee found them but the ones we currently use are close to what I'm ultimately looking for.

Anything else youd like to share?Don't take it all so seriously. Life is for living. Spend less time stuck behind a pc looking at blogs and forums. Venture outside. Enjoy the countryside. Appreciate the outdoors. Not enough kids actually get out and play anymore which saddens me.Like that famous person once said "Life moves pretty fast... if you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it!"



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