The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).

Oh So Hip It Hurts

Erin is a part time scribe and full time daydreamer with an unhealthy obsession with denim cutoffs. She is the founder of a fantastic blog, Oh So Hip It Hurts that she started after becoming addicted to checking out all the awesome fashion blogs online. She figured if they could do it so could she. Greatest inspirations or influences? I find inspiration in things from the magazines I read to the movies I watch, photographs, songs, books, blogs even celebrities-anything visual really! I get inspired by past decades, particularly the 70's- I find the surfer girls and the skater guys of that decade to be very inspirational with my day to day style. However, I think my greatest inspirations come from people I see on the street, going about their daily business in their own unique style. Favorite fashion designers ? I love Heidi Middleton and SarahJane Clark from aussie label Sass and Bide because they were just regular aussie girls who turned their love of fashion into a truly successful empire. I feel that their designs have a very unique feel. I also admire Stella McCartney because I like that she is very dedicated to her causes about not including any animal products in her designs. She also strikes me as a person who has worked extremely hard to make a name for herself rather than ride the coat tails of her famous parents.

Favorite publications? Without a doubt my favourite magazine is Russh. Russh a bi-monthly Australian publication and their content each issue is simply mindblowing. They feature alot of homegrown designers, musicians and photographers and always have great features on icons from Patti Smith to Jane Birkin. I think it would be impossible to open up a copy and not be inspired in some way. I also like to read Nylon, and I love Teen Vogue for all their wonderful fashion spreads.

Favorite blogs/sites ? I like sites such as Stylesightings and LookBook because I like viewing everyday people and getting inspired by so many different looks. I also like sites like the Cobrasnake, Skullset or Last Nights Party because there are always some fun photos on there. What would be a dream project for you? Well I just finished a degree in Journalism and I adore magazines so a dream project for me would be creating my own little magazine where I could choose all the content, photographs, layout and write all the articles. Anything else you'd like to share with our audience? We have to wear clothes, its against the law to be naked so why not have as much fun dressing ourselves as possible?

Atlanta De Cadenet from Oh So Hip It Hurts

Dressed Chairs

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