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Zeno and the Stoics

Zeno and the Stoics


I have always been a huge fan of Spanish rock, so I was really excited when I was invited to El Sol in Madrid for a live gig by one of the best new bands- Zeno and the Stoics. The concert was amazing, full of energy and great music. Their recent album Cosmic Catastrophe was produced by Gordon Raphel of the Strokes, so keep an eye out for them as they will be playing at music festivals near you.

During their college years, in the end 90’s, James and Fran began playing guitar together in small pubs and parties in the Boston area. When they returned to Madrid, they felt it was time to put together a band and begin playing their own music. James had taken philosophy as a minor and knew that “Zeno And The Stoics” was a great name for a band, and also knew that the music had to be at the same level. The first one to join the modern Stoic movement was ‘Sir Ferdinand’, who brought a touch of class to their songs’ guitar riffs. Then came drummer ‘Jobs’ Curro with the right strength and freshness and our bassist ‘Pipe’, adding his 80’s pop flavour. Last but not least, ‘Edu’ joined with his keyboards bringing smooth backgrounds to the songs. The band was set, the music was tight and Zeno took us all for a ride…. The stoic sextet mixed their different inspirations into one cocktail; “Z.A.T.S. on the RocksA blend of Sex Pistols, 2 scoops of Red Hot Chili Peppers, 8 drops of The Cure, 5 Rolling Stones, Radio Head scent, 40 oz of Sublime, 1 teaspoon of Ride, 2 Black Crowes, 1 bowl of Pixies’ grains, 2 grms of Led Zeppelin, 1/2 pound powdered Doors, 1 glass of The Eagles wine, 4 hints of The Ramones 1 U2 Lemon, 1 cup of Cold Play, 10 drops of Linkin Park, Rage Against the Machine Olive Oil, Placebo flavour, The Cult , The Clash, The Beatles, ….. After producing and recording their first CD-Demo on 06, the band decided to show what they could do on stage. They’ve played  in some most important gig places in Madrid and were chosen to open up for Smashing Pumpkins, The Killers and Kasabian in the Pepe World Festival. Their last album was recently produced by Gordon Raphael an extremely talented record producer and musician from Seattle, Washington who is best known for his work with The Strokes, producing their first two albums Is This It and Room On Fire. He recently produced Fake Chemical State for ex-Skunk Anansie lead singer Skin, Fobia, Regina Spektor, Kill Kenada, The Moonies, Charly Flynn and The Sound Explosion . He has also contributed as a keyboardist for the psychedelic band Sky Cries Mary.

We interviewed the bands vocalist Jaime Fraile for this profile.

About your collaboration with Gordon Raphael? Indeed, Gordon Raphael produced our album. He heard our demo, spoke with our manager, flew in from Berlin to meet us for a couple of days, and some months later, we were in the studio recording. That man has got an incredible sense of magical balance!!!

How would you define the music? Why define it? I’d say enjoy it.

Greatest inspirations or influences? Everything inspires, … even odd days can inspire us to make them right.

Touring Plans? We’re planning to go around Europe during the winter. Whats next for Zeno and the Stoics? Growth.

We love the logo, who did the design? Antonio Castillo, an amazing designer from the boutique TUALTEREGO.COM , in Madrid.

How do you think the indie-alt music industry in Europe is different than in the U.S.? In terms of industry, it’s far superior in the States. But there is great taste and great crap everywhere.

Anything else you'd like to share with our audience? Apart from our music, no.

GORDON RAPHAEL - by Toby L (rockfeedback.com) Ever one of personal preference over sell-out career furtherance, Gordon Raphael's unusual production-technique has marked a substantial blow to the corporate-minded conventions of music-presentation in the past few years. Always a spirit in belief of 'let the music speak!', where live-impact of recording takes a precedent over a blindingly clichéd sheen of mundanity, in spite of constant offers to record work with 'safe' name-acts to enhance their credibility-status, Raphael prefers to nurture new talent, as well as work with solely those that continually inspire and invigorate his outlook on music on a regular basis. ... And that's all without having highlighted GR's own solo and group-related endeavours, inclusive of understated 80's act The Colour Twigs, and 90's, dark synth purveyors Absinthee... Clutches of music and plastic to subvert and excite, if only for their sheer balls and awkward unwillingness to conform.

Charlotte Olympia

Charlotte Olympia

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