The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).




Rebeca Lange aka "Becks" is a true citizen of the world and does it all, from to shoe design-to Fashion Merchandising/Coordinator- to Becks PL0T at night in Miami. "Don't Worry Everything Is Going to Be Amazing" during WMC was her party, and on May 8th we are looking forward to what she has in store for us....

Your inspirations or greatest influences? I don’t limit myself as of my inspirations. You could get inspired out of pretty much anything! And there is many times that you sit with a blank piece of paper in front of you and feel not inspired at all, but once you draw the first two -three lines bomb! You have inspired yourself to keep on working on that piece of art… Best events you have done? Every night and event has its own magic and essence. PL0T has let me live many experiences, many moments and meet many people that I will never forget. If I had to choose one out of all the events we have done “Don’t Worry Everything is going to be Amazing” will have to be it. It was an event where we gave more than our 100% to make it come out like it did; probably the event that had the most complex prior-to logistics, but also the most satisfying of all.

It was meant to be a “family” party and that was exactly what it was. To see everyone (industry or non industry) with those big smiles and impossible to believe expressions in their faces, gave me the biggest satisfaction; and to have heard reviews from everyone around the world saying that it was the party that made their conference definitely makes us very proud. I would like to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of those who made it possible… the Artists, B4Bookings, Like That-La Villatek and of course our favorites: our Guests!! it wouldn’t be the same without you!... the PL0T Team ☺

Favorite dj's? Hmmm…

  • Marco Carola, Alexi Delano, Paco Osuna,
  • Ricardo Villalobos, Adam Beyer, Gaiser,
  • Matthew Dear, and one of PL0T’s own resident Alejandro Sab

Favorite venues? Mmmm this is a hard one... some I have visit many times and some I’m planning on going to very soon…

  • Weekend Club (Berlin), Watergate (Berlin), Club 4 (Barcelona), DC 10 (Ibiza).

What makes nightlife so different in Miami than in the rest of the world?

Miami is a very unique city, with a very hard to predict market, one day they like this, the other day they like that.

We have all worked very hard to make Miami a “must stop” destination for artists. I think the fact that people have become more open minded, and that we are able to have successful events introducing fresh talent instead of artists with a heavier name is unique to Miami.
and what makes it even more unique is that I am a part of it!Dream project for you would be?

You would be surprised but it is actually non-music related…It has to do with my other passion which is Fashion; and I have two, one would be to produce a Givenchy or Alexander McQueen Fashion Show…they are a work of art! And second to have in stores my shoe collection!... stay tuned..

Tell us about MAY 8th in Miami!!!

May 8! Wow a night that you cannot miss! Its PL0T’s official welcome back after WMC; the birthday of two very important PL0T members and the most important of all:  the welcome back to the legendary Ryan Elliott!! "He's a loose creature of the night who couldn't care less whether his shirt is tucked in, or what people may think of his, er, unique brand of dance moves."

He has been established as one of the Detroit’s most adept techno DJs; and His sets are known for being very well crafted and “sophisticated” and best of all he’s ready to enchant us and make us feel those bass lines deep inside our skin for hours and hoursssssss! It’s a night that will be full of amazing people, amazing sound, and amazing music…Like he says…”"The bass line is everything. It's what moves women’s hips!"



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Graphic Designer Parker Gibson

Graphic Designer Parker Gibson