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Future Sounds of Istanbul Gadi Mitrani

Future Sounds of Istanbul Gadi Mitrani


Gadi Mitrani, who I have the pleasure of knowing for many years has been crazy about electronic music since he was a kid. His brother, Metin was an avid acid house vinyl collector. Gadi began to dj at house parties with turntables without pitch control and cassette players and decided to go to college in D.C where he was exposed to electronic music (nujazz,drum and bass, house, triphop and downtempo) at places like Buzz, 18th St Lounge, Red, etc He has yet to release his own tracks but so far two of his two of them have been played by Digweed. A few legendary producers have contacted him and all of that is in the works but for now, Gadi just wants to continue entertaining his crowds in Istanbul where he lives and wants to continue having fun with music. What are your inspirations?

  • Buzz(D.C) Twilo(NYC) 18th Street Lounge(D.C) Sasha/Depeche Mode/
  • John Digweed/Daany Howless/Erick Morillo/Space Miami/Ibiza Pacha
  • Buzz the software/all kinds of Synths music technology and of course electronic music producers.

Favorite dj's?

  • Sasha-Always creative and one step ahead from others
  • Erick Morillo- One man show.

Favorite places in istanbul for nightlife

  • MultiDans-A small lounge with a great music and amazing food. Make your house parties there, the vibe is the best.
  • Crystal-The best underground club in Istanbul.
  • Clinic-Baris Turker nights are amazing.

Other artists you love?

  • Sasha- He was a big inspiration for me to make music
  • Thom Yorke- Buy the eraser album and you will get my answer.
  • Depeche Mode- It is Depeche Mode That’s why.
  • Apparat – he made the best album of this decade. Called Walls
  • Clint Mansell-Producer of the Requiem for a Dream & the Fountain soundtracks. This is classical music of our time. Mind Blowing work.


Favorite websites? www.soundcloud.com www.traxsource.com www.junodownload.com www.wheredj.com www.stumbleupon.com

Favorite tracks?

  • Thom Yorke-Atom For Peace(original)
  • Depeche Mode: Higher Love,World in My Eyes, Halo,When the Body Speaks
  • Apparat-Arcadia
  • Lil Louis-French Kiss
  • Underworld: Two Months off
  • Pete Heller: Big Love
  • Radiohead: Karma Police
  • Gadjo-So Many Times
  • Inner Cıty-Good Life
  • Aeroplane-Caramellas
  • Quantin Harris-Joy(HCCR’s Dub mix)
  • Dennis Ferrer-Transitions
  • Sebastian Leger_Majuro_Original-Mistakes Music
  • Ben Watt-Guinea Pig
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Emily Bracken

Emily Bracken