The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).




Andres who is originally from Colombia,  has been living and breathing New York intensely the past 10 years where he's dabbled in design, and fashion management, in positions with limited creativity but a salary that allowed him to party and experience the city to the fullest. For him being able to have witnessed and been part of the last years of Tunnel, Centro Fly, Twilo, end of rave culture and seen the rise of the Brooklyn warehouse parties and hipster culture is a big part of who he is today. He recently gave up his job to study media and continues to pursue expanding his horizons in search of new music and like minded individuals.

What inspires you?

This may sound cliche but music, modern art, street fashion, communicating a lot with very little, late nights and early mornings.

Favorite music?

Electronic in general, but I am very open my I tunes has everything from House to Balkan Folk but currently minimal techno is on my playlist.

Favorite dj´s?

Way too many!

  • Adam Beyer because he knows how to play techno from the most modern minimal to the most classic in harmony and leaving you wanting more.
  • James Holden's unique almost psychedelic sound.
  • Laurent Garnier is not scared of mixing deep house with a drum n' bass track and keep you dancing
  • and from the new comers Seth Troxler's productions are amazing also Heartthrob's deep and dark sound.
  • Ill throw in Memek because he is one of the few that understands my musical taste

What makes nightlife in NYC so interesting?

Variety, Variety, Variety, Sometimes it can get overwhelming with how much is there to do in a single night and everyone is pulling you in a different direction. I try not to limit my self to certain spots. I go from the ultra eclectic as Mehanata bar or Nacoteca, to the bottle service spots like Tenjune or Marquee with their terrible music (and people) but free drinks and no cover if you know the right people. These are tough financial times. But most of the time I would end up at the Bunker or Bar 13 praying for the next Minimoo.

Best events of 2008?

  • Without any doubt Minitek was the most daring attempt to place New York in the map along with other techno oriented cities. With all its pitfalls it brought to New York a dream team of DJ's some of whom never been in America before.
  • Circoloco was also amazing. The timing Halloween (My favorite holiday), the DJ's Cirillo, Andrew Grant, Tania Vulcano, awesome turnover and to top it all it ended at... well late

What are you looking forward to in 2009?

Winter Music Conference as usual, might head to Montreal for the Mutek festival and Street Parade in Switzerland. Also rumors of up coming Minimoos with amazing, DJ's and venues but as usual it is all very secretive.

Future projects you are working on

  • Will be working a lot with Video. if time allows it I will be working with some tracks from Elon (Clink, Dumb-Unit.http://www.djelon.com) creating visual representations of each track for his up coming album, the idea is creating a CD/DVD. Id also would like to get re-started with my blog, and travel, travel.

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