The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).

Save the Cannibals

Made Event prepares to Save The Cannibals. Conceived as a weekly series, global techno talents will converge in the heart of  New York City. The parties will be infused with some long-displaced, cherished principles of the dancefloor: grade A talent, superior sound, exceptional music and an egalitarian, no-nonsense take to getting down to the business of dancing. At the onset, Save The Cannibals will be helmed by six residents appearing in quarterly residencies throughout the year: ADULTNAPPER, CASSY, MARTIN LANDSKY, MATTHEW DEAR, SETH TROXLER and STEVE BUG, with additional special guests each week.

Save The Cannibals Upcoming Dates

January 24 Steve Bug - 10 years of Poker Flat

January 31 Adultnapper & Bruno Pronsato (Live)

February 7 Matthew Dear

February 14 Cassy with Anthony Parasole

February 21 Lee Burridge

February 28 Martin Landsky & Konrad Black

Brooklyn's own Techno philosopher Adultnapper and his Ransom Note label investigates hauntingly introspective, stripped down electronic music and brings body & mind enlightenment to the dancefloor. Berlin's high priestess Cassy explores the deepest territories of house and techno in her 100% vinyl-only sets. Her club residency at Panorama Bar has become a benchmark for techno tourists and natives alike and puts her in a class of her own.

Intim Recordings top chef Martin Landsky is a globetrotting ambassador of the sound that bridges techno to funk, house to minimal, and a bit of everything in between. He has long been one of the key figures in the circle of producers at Poker Flat Recordings with a penchant for deep music that includes twisty and funky elements. From Detroit's techno scene, Ghostly's Matthew Dear has evolved into a genre defying electronic music sensation. With his many production guises – Audion, Jabberjaw, and False, he continually pushes the envelope in the world of techno and finds favor with even the most avid techno purists with his own brand of techno psychedelia.

One of the brightest up-and-comers in the scene, Spectral Sound's Seth Troxler move from Detroit to Berlin exemplifies the mergence of his local roots with the European minimal techno and house aesthetic. With his debut "Love Never Sleeps" EP out now on Crosstown Rebels, this young prodigy is one to watch. Germany's techno pioneer and minimal dance connoisseur, Steve Bug is one of the scene's unsung heroes. He stands at the helm of three influential labels - Dessous, Poker Flat and Audiomatique Recording, that serve as a platform to champion high caliber vinyl releases. Bug launches the Save the Cannibals series with a celebration to mark the 10 year anniversary of Poker Flat Recordings.
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