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Fabian De La Flor

Fabian De La Flor


In preparation for Art Basel, I have been doing some research and recently discovered artist Fabian De La Flor. He was born in Lima, Peru but currently lives and works in Miami. De La Flor attended Miami Dade College and began studies in graphic design, then obtained a BFA from Miami International University of Art and Design. While still in college, Fabian was hired by The Miami Herald as a graphic/web designer, where he has been working since 2000. Thru this time period the artist has created a rich personal portfolio of emotionally charged drawings/paintings, all revolving around city landscapes that tie in past memories for the artist. De La Flor's ideas, feelings, trends and styles are documented thru his figures. The artist states that in their line quality one sees a timeline, as if seeing a chronological timeline of photographs of the artists own life. What you are most looking forward to about Art Basel this year?

I'm really excited about the surrounding galleries that show work around Miami. Also Art Positions, which is a bunch of shipping containers clumped together and there's usually some pretty nice art in there, Iggy Pop performed there last year so it should be fun.

What inspires your art the most?

Architecture, nice clean design, the right combination of colors, people's expressions and postures, everyday life really. How do would you describe your style?

I think my style is more illustrative and graphical, expressionism I guess with a hint of pop art, that;s a hard question for me to answer. Favorite websites?

Favorite artists?

  • Robert and Maxom Crumb, Ralph Steadman, Egon Schiele,
  • Gustav Klimt, Ian Francis, Sam Flores, Ben Tour, Stephanie Bozic...
  • lots more I cant remember...

3 things you cant live without?

  • Music: I love playing music
  • Pen and paper: I have to draw
  • Family: I need the support

Most exciting project you have worked on?

I recently did a Mural in Wynwood for a gallery and that was a really fun project, I'm hoping to do more murals in the future.

What would be a dream project for you? I've been playing around with clay lately, I think it would be awesome to do a piece where my characters and landscapes are in 3d. Plans for the future? Keep painting, hopefully start making my art more accessible to people by putting in shirts, bags, etc... A store is definitely in the works for my site theamplegroup.com

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