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Living the dream, we speak with Kristian Schmidt

Kristian Schmidt is known for his Grammy nominated music video's, films and Japanese shows.  I am obsessed with his photography and love his attitude on life, friendship and respect for nature.

He was born in New York, but moved to Paris shortly afterward. He spent his summers in an island off the coast of Gothenburg, Sweden and after high school he packed up for Tokyo. With this kind of cultural exposure he began taking pictures of everything around him and started gaining popularity in the field. When he moved back to New York in 2003, he partnered up with some Stockholm friends to found Kamisol Productions, a New York-Stockholm-based film production firm that draws from Swedish, American, Japanese and French aesthetics. Currently he travels the world to take photos of animals that people normally don't get close to.

Most interesting projects?

I have been making celebs all around the world make bets with each other and make the loser do awful things. I film it and all of the sudden we have a TV show.

Threw pies at one actor for 24hrs, he had to act like nothing was happening, going to the office, dinner meeting , going to bed. It was a big success.

How does NY inspire your work and creativity? Its up to speed with my mind, I do everything very quickly and so does NYC, so I'm always busy and have a million things to go to, I don't have time to think about things. Too much time to think about yourself is never good. Tokyo and NYC keeps me busy and I evolve without knowing it.

Favorite websites?

  • japanprobe.com - keeps me up to date with Japan and has exactly what i want to know about.

  • http://www.magnetic.tv/LiveNation- Beta I am working with Magnetic tv at the moment, an incredible company that brings all relevant material from a video to you

  • Oh and www.kristianschmidt.com is a lovely website with amazing pictures for sale that will make your apt look phenomenal.

Favorite film directors ?

I've been directing for a while and I'm so impressed with any director that can pull off a movie.

  • Stephen Chow can create atmosphere like no one else. Kung Fu Hustle used very different angles and the most beautiful effects Ive ever seen. He is the first person I know that has been able to successfully make a film that is shot like a manga and still make it a real movie, its one of a kind.

  • Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer blow me away every time.

  • Robert Rodriguez is a very good school if you are starting out, his films teach you allot.

Best music videos?

  • "Island in the Sun" Weezer by Spike Jonze Because I like to hang out with animals and it was such a simple concept. You can't not smile when you see that video.

  • "Taxi" Snook By Kristian Schmidt We spent $4000 on the video and still got nominated for a Grammy.

  • "Rap Wonder DX" Gagle Japanese Hip Hop , had too much fun!

Future projects?

Working on doing a street soccer feature film that Nike Japan would produce. Lots of trips to hang out and take pics of dangerous and lovely animals so that I can do more gallery exhibitions. A Parkour Film that has been in the works for ever and looks to be in production soon.

Dream projects you have?

  • I'm living the dream!

  • I do however have something up my sleeve that is really something else, without saying what it is, its something no one has ever seen before...

Favorite places on earth?

  • Cape town, since some of my best friends live there and is the most beautiful place I have ever been to.

photo by Amber Arbucci

Kristian Schmidt
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