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Biatch Corp

Biatch Corp


photo by © claudiaquigua.comBiatch Corp is an egalitarian organization mainly based in NYC with the objective to engage in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electric power through the formation of dance floor oriented music. The corporation is looking forward to becoming a prominent force in the transformation of the global electronic music community who is thirsty and receptive of the unparalleled top underground scenes.  Pito started in the world of electronic music as a heavy downloader, back in 1999. Back then nobody had broadband in Cali, Colombia, so he got hooked to a university hub that allowed him to not only download but distribute it as well, ( as a 14 year old kid). One day he heard Christian Varela spin at a rave and he got instantly hooked not only to techno but was also impressed to see him spinning with 3 decks and with vinyl. He stopped downloading, got some vinyl and learnt to mix that way. When he moved to NY, he met Juan Karraskilla and Giovanni and Biatch Corp was born.

What is Biatch Corp? Biatch Corp is more of a corporation anti-thesis, however it share a well done structure connecting different disciplines, What we go towards is to transmit our personal take of dance-floor oriented music, we do it in the form of promoters, Djs, booking agency and lately, a record label. Challenges of the industry?

The dj industry is completely overwhelmed, for a newcomer it will be very important to come with an aggressive online presence as well as a contact network. Production is essential: if you don't produce, you don't tour. Music quality is important too, but to go to beatport and get the chart of richie hawtin or villalobos is so easy, people will notice. Creativity is and will be the best weapon to succeed.

in the music industry, positioning is key, work on promotion, release good music and the rest will follow. Vinyl sales are going up so we are pretty excited to show respect to wax.

Describe your musical style?

My musical style is constantly changing, as I get bored easily. Currently I'm getting a lot of one-chord tech-house tracks, and mixing them with techno, it gives you the freshness of house pads and the pounding rhythm of tech beats, I also like some minimal techno and dub techno but it all depends on my mood and the crowd's reception.

Favorite Venues?

Studio B- big room, good lineups, it has a hidden side room, very dark, suitable for minimal techno and glitch. Hiro Ballroom, a Japanese-themed room with great sound and a superb decoration, we brought Gregor Tresher and played with Matthew Dear there. Bar 13-sick lineups, all the time, thanks to the big support from Memo. Favorite Events?
Decompression in NYC is not a venue but a great party. I just played there last week and this is the teaser for the Burning Man festival in Nevada. Ultramar in Cartagena in January.  Last year was 4 days of madness, ranging from stadium trance to quirky techno

Favorite Websites? in English: http://modyfier-modifying.blogspot.com/

Spanish: http://tazadete.wordpress.com www.monofonicos.net

when i go serious and entrepreneur-ish i read about tech news here. http://www.techcrunch.com

Some of your favorite tracks?

  • Audion - Fred's Bells (Onur Ozer Remix)
  • I really like the Turkish shaker sound in this one
  • Ascii.Disko - Black Acid Shameless self-promotion :) a biatch corp track that is coming up on December 15th, bassy and acid, really acid track
  • Alex Under - F2 a techno track that keeps on building and never loses it's melody, great tool for me.
  • Technasia - Force. one of my all-time favorites. Vox and Voxless mix, doesn't matter

Plans for the future?

Continue building the label to become a influential force in dance music matters. Collaborate as much as we can to release Colombian artists, keep rocking on NYC and still get smiles from people when i finish my sets.

This is Biatch Corp Biatch Corp promo reel from Biatch Corp produced by © claudiaquigua.com http://www.claudiaquigua.com

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