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Jennifer Yen has always been a beauty junkie. Even after a brief stint in acting, her skin became extremely sensitive from the heavy makeup, stress and pollution in LA. She constantly broke up in hives, acne and developed rosacea. She tried and tested every product in the market and nothing was working on her skin until she decided to use her grandmother’s beauty remedies.Jenn's grandmother always had beautiful skin and a simple approach to her beauty regimen. Growing up she always drank White Tea infused with Blue Lotus and washed her face with soymilk. What started out as a quest for her own skincare needs became a full time job:


Her products are sold at the best cosmetic stores and online catalogues such as Vivre.com, C.O. Bigelow in the West Village and starting this Friday she is having a trunk show at Henri Bendels from 2 to 6 pm.

What did you feel was missing in this market?

I felt there was not a complete skincare line that helped my sensitive skin needs. I was searching for a skincare line that that had the perfect balance between nature and science.

What makes your products so different from all the other high - end products out there in the market?

"Pur~lisse" is translated from the French words for "pur" and "smooth." pur~lisse is inspired by my grandmother's Chinese time-tested beauty remedies and French skincare technology. What makes pur~lisse unique is we are a small company and I know EVERYTHING that goes on with pur~lisse. I didn’t have the luxury of hiring a big marketing or branding firm so I was extremely hands on in the entire creation process. It was extremely important to me to work with people who believed in me and supported my ideas as I did not have a huge budget. I worked very closely with my chemist, my designer and wrote all the copy. In addition, I call all the buyers myself and go into the stores and to educate customers on the products. This gives me an advantage over other companies because I get to hear customers feedback and their ideas, giving me the ability to create products they really want and need.

What is the one product you cant live without?

I can’t live without pur~lisse pur~youth preserve age delay serum. This antioxidant rich serum is amazing because it hydrates and soothes skin, calms inflammation, prevents premature aging and looks great under makeup.

Skin care tips for our readers?

1. Use quality skincare such as pur~lisse. 2. I drink a lot of water and White Tea, 3. I try to get 7-8 hours of sleep 4. Daily walks 5. Eat healthy 6. Don’t stress and relax 7. Protect skin from sun with pur~lisse pur~protect SPF 30 8. If you have sensitive skin, don’t over exfoliate (only where you need to) 9. I surround myself with fun, amusing friends and laugh a lot—this is GREAT for your skin

Favorite websites?

www.news.bbc.co.uk – unbiased news from all over the world


-- this is a great website for beauty, fashion, lifestyle, wellness and health.


--amazing website that carry the best skincare brands and educates consumers on skincare.


-- this website offers the best in skincare, beauty, fragrance, and beauty tips.

Favorite stores in New York

Henri Bendel,

Sara Daha (vintage store in East village)

Frock Vintage (vintage store in East village)

Favorite places to go out in new york?

original NOBU, Rose Bar,

John’s Pizza in West Village and Grand Sichuan

Quote you live by?

I believe the most important single thing, beyond discipline and creativity is daring to dare.

Maya Angelou

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Eddie Shieh of Red Rope

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