The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).

Kitsch Beirut
Dalia lived in New York for almost 7 years before deciding to move to Beirut with her childhood friend Racil, who had been living in London. Once in Beirut they quickly started missing a few things they had gotten so spoiled with over the years. Funky shops, a cozy place to chill and hang out during the day, and addictive food & bakes. They therefore decided to put all that under one roof, and launch the first true concept store in the Middle East; offering everything from new & upcoming designers, to bio-cosmetics, accessories, vintage movie posters, as well as a bakery, which serves the best cupcakes!
They chose to locate Kitsch in an old Lebanese house for that 'hidden treasure' added value..Kitsch rapidly took a life of its own, and within two years they opened up shop in Saint Tropez and have just launched Kitsch Boutique in Dubai. The infamous bakery, Kitsch Cupakes, is set to open in the next couple of months in Dubai as well; keeping all Kitsch fans always coming back for more
Plans to bring Kitsch to NY ? You never know! Kitsch is a unique & fresh concept which fits beautifully with the energy and the people NY has to offer. And not just NY, if the stars are on our side we are expecting to take Kitsch to other locations as well. But for now where and when is our little secret!
Brands you carry, who does the buying? Racil & I do the buying together. Racil is a true star when it gets to picking stuff. She knows her fashion and we have similar tastes, yet a bit different so it's a good mix. We are always on the look out for new labels, up and coming stars and great funky bits and pieces that every fashionable person can't get enough of.
What was the inspiration behind kitsch?

Racil & I have always been nuts for food and fashion. We wanted to bring together both our passions in a unique and exclusive place. We created the concept from scratch and built it as we went along. We are into the same things and work together beautifully so it all kind of flowed smoothly.

How New York has influenced your style? The great thing about NYC is that it has a laid back yet sexy style. It doesn't try hard, it's that glam look achieved by combining basics with more original pieces in the right way. There are plenty of great shops and inspirations in the city, all you have to do is walk through it’s streets and absorb everything that goes on around you.

Favorite shops? There are way too many shops to list from Nolita to the Village (yes I'm more of a Downtown kinda girl), but if I had limited time, I would make sure not to miss these: Barney's Co-op because it's not too big of a store and I can quickly pick up everything from a face cream to a funky pair of limited edition puma trainers and a pair of sunglasses.

I love Scoop beach wear & clutches (which we carry at Kitsch) and I usually head to Jeffrey's for shoes.
Favorite websites?

DiaDiwan.com which covers the Middle East's up & coming fashion and art scene Souq.com the Middle Eastern Ebay BBCfood.com I'm a cook at heart!

Cowboy Cookie at Olive’s.
The best Eggs Hussard at Pastis.
The absolutely fabulous Veal Milanese & to die for Spaghetti al Limoni at Supper in the Lower East Side.
Amaranthe for their Truffle & Cheese Foccacia.
Poulet Cajun with lots of extra sauce at Bilboquet.
The best Red Velvet Cupcake (after Kitsch's of course) at Amy's Bread.

What you miss most about New York? That special vibe which cannot be found anywhere. New York is the city of all cities.



Director/Writer Todd Heyman

Director/Writer Todd Heyman