The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).

Vinyl Disciples

Vinyl Disciples


In the heavily solo oriented DJ world, it is rare to find a group who can create impact on the worldwide scene in a short period of time. Vinyl Disciples have not only been able to shine and make their presence known, but they have done so, all within 5 years of picking up a record aka VINYL. With their eclectic taste in music, ranging from ELEKTRO grooves with plenty of funky vocal melodies to a deeper progressive sound, these Vinyl Disciples are sure to turn heads.

Vinyl Disicples is made up of: Mish Alireza, Mete Aslan, Omar Al Jundi (OJ), Tarek Antabi, Dj Morox

How did you begin your career in music? Music has always been a part of my life, but in 1999 I was in Miami with my usual suspects, and at the end of the night, we had just got back from an amazing night at Living Room (one of all time great nightspots in SOBE), and my cousin Salman Alireza AKA Tony Galore, started mixing at the after party. I got behind the decks with him. Every so often he’d look at me and say, check this out, and he’d drop a track that just got the room pumping. It was such an adrenalin rush. I got back to Boston, where one of my good friends Tarek Antabi (Vinyl Disciples) was a DJ and basically asked him to teach me the ropes. We decided to start a group along with a Matt Villa, and the rest of them joined along the way. I currently spin with Mete Mad Turk Aslan pretty much on all my gigs… He is the Aderal to my ADD you might say.

Favorite Dj's I’m a huge fan of all the Vinyl Disciples, but the following DJ’s truly inspire me: Ben Watt, Andy Caldwell, Sander Kleinenberg, Pete Tong, Deep Dish (Old school days), Cedric Gervais, Ivano Bellini, Ali Ajami, Daft Punk, Swedish House Mafia and Desyn Masiello and a few more that aren’t springing to mind at the moment.

Best musical performances youve ever seen?

Swedish House Mafia @ Ink Miami WMC ’07: Basically because of the vibe, it was a friend of mine’s place, and everyone I knew in Miami came that night, it was truly incredible. So many Dj’s came by to see these guys play from Benny Benassi to David Guetta to Carl Cox.

Sander Kleinenberg/ Deep Dish @ Space Miami (Inside then Patio.): Quite frankly the best tracks I’ve ever heard in one night. Simply inspirational music.

Ben Watt @ Buzzinfly Sundays in London – Back in the day when Ben Watt was doing his thing on Sunday. I’d go with a couple friends just for the music. Not many people knew about it at the time, and it was sort of our thing. Best venues and club experience in New York?

I‘ve always been a fan of Crobar, Therapy, Life, Lotus, Sound Factory, Tatoo. 1 Oak is pretty chill at the moment. I might get slack for this, but NYC hasn’t really done it for me lately. Are you planning to bring vinyl to NY? When the right gig comes along, we’ll hit up NYC for sure. Tarek Antabi, one of our Vinyl Disciples has been to NYC a few times. He’s got a good following there. Mete and I will catch up when the time is right.

How does one find your music? Our website (www.vinyldisciples.com) is a great source of getting our music. If not, our Facebook page, and Myspace pages are a great way to get a hold of our stuff as well. All of which are currently under construction. They should be all up and running by mid may in time for our summer tour. We’ll also be selling CD’s in Boston and Miami pretty soon. Stay Tuned.

Items you can't live without?

Nokia phone… Yes I said Nokia, not blackberry. I can’t live without my friends or my music! ... Dear I say, I can't live without Facebook! lol

Favorite clothing brands?

. G.O.D.sgroup (Gathering of Defined Societies)

. Stone Crown

. Spindle and Canister (Coming Soon)

. And my Sneakers ALL OF THEM




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