The name, "Ninu Nina" stems from the alien language spoken by Robin Williams in "Mork & Mindy" ( a popular 1970's comedy show).

Fashion-Durkl Brand

Manuela Antakly interviewed the founder and designer Will Sharp of DURKL- a fresh lineof clothing

Manuela: when and how did you found your brand?


started about 4 years ago in Washington DC as a tiny 5 design t-shirt line and h

as now matu

red into a full line of clothing. It was really our goal from the beginning to create a brand that reflecte

d who we were personally. We are just two guys who have one goal each and every day...MAKE FUN. Life is amazing, and we try to spread that with our clothes.

Manuela: What does DURKL mean?

As far as the name DURKL goes...my friend in Brooklyn screamed it one night in the rain on roller blades...neither of us can ride those things at all....i think i peed my pants laughing so hard watching ourselves falling all over traffic and the sidewalks. I never forgot DURKL after that.

Manuela: What have been exciting fashion moments for you?

We do our own thing...and try not to let the industry steer our brand's look. with that being said, the most exciting moments for us are when we see what we are doing becoming industry trends.

Manuela: What celebrities have worn your brand?

We dont really do that type of marketing...or any marketing at all for that matter! the people who wear our stuff are mostly big underground music acts like THE COOL KIDS, YELLE, Steed Lord, Leki Latex, Crookers...etc

Manuela: What are plans for the future of the brand?

Coming up this Fall we will unleash our first full full line of clothes. We have been working our way up to this for a few years, and have finally gotten here. So, expect leather jackets, hoodies, crewnecks, sweaters, cardigans, denim, flannels, tank tops, tees, hats, visors, sunglasses, and windbreakers this Fall.

Manuela: Is DURKL an International brand?

We are growing the fastest overseas actually. Europe, Scandinavia and Asia are really feeling our stuff right now. The kids over there are just much more liberal and willing to be different...and there is a huge electro movement sweeping those areas that is ushering in a new style that


really fits into.

Manuela: Who wears DURKL?

When you go out at night and you notice the kids who are really letting loose, the kid who is more than comfortable in his/her own skin,the kid who is really bringing the energy level up....those are kids who wear DURKL.

Manuela :Has Latino culture had any influence on your creativity?

My mother grew up in Uruguay, so I've been hearing and speaking a little Spanish ever since i was a kid. Also, in urban/street wear today lots of brands look to LA culture and style as well as NY culture and style for cues. we are certainly one of those brands who is looking to those areas for inspiration and both happen to be heavily influenced by Latino culture.

Manuela: Is there a must-have piece from your 2008 summer collection?

We designed 2 summer lines. the first one is called "TEES and HATS" and the second is called "TANK TOPS, VISORS, SHADES, and DENIM". I think the must have from these 2 lines is either the hot dog visor, any of the 3 tank tops, or the 2 tone denim!

Manuela: What inspires your designs?

I never have a good or real answer, so i decided i would just list a few lines of stuff that i like and helps me design....twizlers, construction paper, telepathy, basset hounds, pizza parties, shorts, mammals, black holes, salt and peppa, NKOTB, Fila, Oakley, women skiing in bikinis, Spudz MacKenzie, geometry, Alexander Calder, CROOKERS, Child Ballads, leather, Lacoste, the future, little kids, Budweiser, nylon...

check out DURKL at www.durkl.com