About Ninu Nina

Ninu Nina is a creative platform and a personal galaxy of curated content.

photo by  Ziga Mihelcic

photo by Ziga Mihelcic

Leila Antakly created Ninu Nina in 2008, when she began interviewing Friends and creatives with unique style in music, art, fashion and photography.

Heavily inspired by mtv in the 80’s .(when videos really mattered), Leila decided to create her own“ you hear it first” platform. her aim? to give readers a first hand look at what inspires emerging creatives from all over the world..

I am not a ‘blogger or influencer’. This platform is not about me. i enjoy meeting artists and creative people and asking them about their inspirations as well as sharing their work, its really about them (and only sometimes I comment on stuff related to culture or issues that matter to me).

Leila is half Syrian half Colombian, but has lived all over the world. At 16, She began her career as a Director’s assistant for an hbo production in L.A. and later on as a fashion assistant producing iconic photo shoots at Vogue Italia, in NYC working with the world's leading photographers, stylists and designers. She partnered with a photographer and produced several documentaries in NY and was also an associate producer on a ‘National lampoon COMEDY ( ONE she proudly admits GOT THE WORST RATINGS ON ROTTEN TOMATOES, ever, please don’t google it). She continued on in fashion/event management freelancing with several designers and holds a Master's Degree in Fashion and Design from Bocconi University in Milan. Most recently she ran model agency, Wilhelmina Dubai but is most proud of her work raising awareness to several charitable projects helping children around the world.

She is in love with her handsome little shih- poo Mr. Coco, who travels EVERYWHERE she goes. She wishes she had studied astronomy + could travel to space or could spend her days sailing WORKING ON OCEAN CONSERVATIOn. But for now, she continues her nomadic adventures always on the look out for inspiring people to interview. Have ideas? Get in Touch and Thanks for reading ninu NIna.